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Who says canon can't be reversed?
Quick update about the challenge. 
11th-May-2009 01:01 pm
Hello all! And for those of you sneakies who are hiding *waves* don't be shy!

I'm just trying to get some sort of an idea of how many people are actually going to participate in the sick!kutner/sick!wilson challenge so I can plan things accordingly.

If it is a matter of dates then just shoot me a message and I can see about an extention.

I was planning for submitted prompts to be over by May 31st but since no one seems to be submitting any I may just go directly into the claiming process. So if you are reading this and wish to participate in the challenge and already have a prompt in mind that you'd like to claim then just leave a comment on here and I'll take care of that.

Here are the current list of prompts:


Also for those who plan to participate if you could just leave a comment here so I can kind of estimate how many people we've got for the challenge. So far we've got a couple but we need more participants in order to have ourselves a fair challenge!

Any other questions or comments you may ask on here.

Hope to see you all at the challenge!

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