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Who says canon can't be reversed?
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2nd-May-2009 07:45 am - One more sick!fick!

Because I just can't get enough...(:

Title: Homecoming

Author: jennydoom86 

Rating: R (for Dark themes).

Word Count: 3,241

Prompt #54: Kutner discusses death/dying with Thirteen (can include implications of his suicide or just be about his parents).

Summary: On the way home from the bar Kutner's mind is in overdrive.

Warning(s): Severe Depression, Discussions of Suicide and Mentions of a Suicide attempt. Also contains minor spoilers for “Simple Explanation”.

Author's Note: Okay this is the second depressing fic I have written about Kutner and it's emotionally draining I tell you. :( Anyways I was kind of in a droopy mood before I began writing this so...oh and listening to depressing music helped get me prepared to set the tone for this fic.


2nd-May-2009 07:19 am - More sick!kutner!
One of my own contributions. :)

Title: Happy

Author: jennydoom86 

Rating: M- Suitable for Mature teens +

Pairing: Kutner, Taub (friendship...possible slash if continued)

Word Count: 10,069

Summary: No one saw it coming…

Warnings: Contains various Season 5 spoilers! BIG spoilers for Ep 5x20 ‘Simple Explanation’ if you have not yet seen the episode I highly suggest not to continue reading any further until you do! This fic contains a suicide attempt and deals with depression. Also if you feel as though you may be easily triggered then please do not read any further! I can not stress this enough! Read at your own risk.

Author's Notes: Like everyone else I was impatient for this epic episode to air so after watching this episode’s promo last week I immediately ran to my computer and decided since I had to wait a week until tonight’s episode aired I could take matters into my own hands and write a fic based on it! Only since I began writing this before tonight’s episode aired it will not follow canon throughout. Anyways it looks like I have found a new character other than Wilson to torture! Although writing this while dwelling on what was going to happen tonight was quite thoroughly depressing…although my story has a happy ending…which will help the title make more sense! :)

Alright here you are! Please bear with me…I know it’s long and with that being said….enjoy!


Part 1: jennydoom86.livejournal.com/2777.html
Part 2: jennydoom86.livejournal.com/2857.html
2nd-May-2009 04:07 am - Sick!Fic Recs
Below are a few sick!kutner recommendations. :)

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27th-Apr-2009 11:18 am - Welcome.

Please carefully look over all rules and guidelines.

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