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Who says canon can't be reversed?

Sick!Kutner Anonymous
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Anybody , Moderated
A community dedicated to bringing Kutner back from the dead...just so we can torture him some more!

This community is all about torturing our favorite orphaned duckling! The fact that Kutner is dead in canon means nothing here! You can torture him physically or mentally and do pretty much whatever you please to him as long as he is hurting!

All genres and lengths of fics will be accepted- whether it be a one shot (with a minimum of 500 words) or multi-chaptered. Art work, photo manipulations, beta requests and plot bunnies are more than welcome and will be graciously accepted. :)

Here is a prompts table:

01.Asthma 02.Beaten up 03.Bleeding 04.Breakdown
05.Cancer 06.Car accident 07.Chicken pox 08.Conjunctivitis
09.Death 10.Defibrillator electrocution 11.Depression 12.Dissociative identity disorder
13.Drowning 14.Drug overdose 15.Eczema 16.Emotional hurt
17.Fainting 18.Gunshot wound 19.Narcolepsy 20.OCD
21.Physical abuse 22.Self-inflicted injury 23.Sexual assault 24.Suicide
25.Suicide attempt 26.Swine Flu 27.Syphilis 28.Trichotillomania

Prompts that are clickable means that there are currently stories posted involving that word. :)